U.S. Military Super Computer: 1026 Quadrillion Calculations per Second

New York Times-owned supercomputers in the U.S. claim a record-breaking as the fastest super computer in the world. Super computer is made of components that are actually designed for video games. So fast, the computer is able to complete the 1026 quadrilion calculations per second. Just compare with dual-core yours at home,,,

Super computer is to be the fastest after beating the previous record holder for the BlueGene / L Lawrenca Livermore Laboratory’s (in the U.S., too). This new super computer named Roadrunner, is built with the funds after the $ 133 million U.S. dollars, the super computer will be placed at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and will be used to perform calculations and

Untuk menggambarkan kecepatan Roadrunner ini, coba anda baca kutipan dari seorang administrator laboratorium nuklir di AS:

To put the performance of the machine in perspective, Thomas P. D’Agostino, the administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration, said that if all six billion people on earth used hand calculators and performed calculations 24 hours a day and seven days a week, it would take them 46 years to do what the Roadrunner can in one day.

Extremnya so this Roadrunner speed, can be described as if the 6 billion people worldwide use the calculator out and do the calculation for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it would take 46 years to be able to do the equivalent calculation can be done during the 24 Roadrunner watch. WOW!

This picture:


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